Control & Automation

With pool of experienced engineering team, IN Process Sdn Bhd has successfully executed many Control & Automation jobs in greenfield as well as brownfield. IN Process Sdn Bhd is also being trusted to become consultant due to the vast technical knowledge in this field.


Power & Electrical

We have successfully delivered a number of electrical solutions to our customer which includes
*  supplying electrical parts inclusive of Ex Motors (NEMA / IEC), VFD, LV Switchgears, LV
MCC,Distribution Boards & Switch Rack
*  Supply of Electrical House (E-house) for Offshore application including FPSO
*  Supply of power conversion for 50/60 Hz
*  Supply and studies of power quality system


IN Process Sdn Bhd is backed up by several Instrumentation personnel with years of field experience to serve our customer with good engineering practice. We have successfully delivered a number of instrumentation projects to our customer which includes:

* Engineered Control Valves
* Real Time Monitoring system for localized corrosion & general corrosion
* Laser gas analyzers & environment monitoring systems.


Hazardous Protection

Our principal Pepperl+Fuchs (P+F) have for many years partnered with IN Process Sdn Bhd  giving high quality solutions to our customers in the Oil & Gas sector. Over those years, we developed our strong bonding with them in pursuing projects with a highly technical knowledge team. We have successfully delivered a number of projects to our customer which includes:

* Safety Barriers
* Lightning Arrestors
* Ex Junction Boxes
* Switch Rack
* Human Machine Interface


Industrial Software

We are currently building customer’s trust in this field with several pilots and trials for proof of concept and managed to turn some of those pilots/trials into install bases. With the services and values that we provide, we see a bright future growth in this area. We have successfully delivered a number of industrial software projects to our customer which includes:

*  PLC Audit Trail. Change Management
*  Reservoir Visualization, Analysis & Management System
*  Document Management & Collaboration System


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